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hurricane katrina dvd from florida to louisiana to mississippi, hurricane video footage from hurricane andrew

Notorious Hurricanes 1985-2005

2 DVD set (3 hours, 50 minutes), tightly edited compilation of our 15 previous videos/dvds.  Undoubtedly the most complete collection of spectacular hurricane footage ever assembled.

A comprehensive live-action history of 17 catastrophic hurricanes striking the USA during the late 20th. and early 21st. Centuries.

  • Hurricane Elena 1985, Hurricane Gilbert 1988, Hurricane Hugo 1989, Hurricane Andrew 1992,
  • Hurricane Emily 1993, Hurricane Opal 1995, Hurricane Bertha 1996, Hurricane Fran 1996,
  • Hurricane Georges 1998, Hurricane Dennis 1999, Hurricane Floyd 1999, Hurricane Isabel 2003,
  • Hurricane Charley 2004, Hurricane Frances 2004, Hurricane Jeanne 2004, Hurricane Katrina 2005, Hurricane Wilma 2005

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Hurricane Katrina DVD -- As It Happened

Filmed during the height of the hurricane in SE Louisiana and on the Gulf coast---from Mississippi through the Florida panhandle; as well as Katrina's first strike on South Florida.  Spectacular satellite loops of this marvel of science Category 5 hurricane included.  Aerial surveys of the New Orleans flood and the Mississipppi coastline after the 24-32 foot surge.  63 minutes. 


Hurricane Andrew DVD

Witness the most destructive hurricane in history, as Cat #5 Andrew obliterates S. Florida and Louisiana with 175-200 mph gusts and $28 billion damage.  52 mins.  1992.  h   

                                          Video clip of Hurricane Andrew DVD


Hurricanes Wilma & Katrina - As They Happened DVD

Wilma's maximum winds captured throughout South Florida: Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, and Monroe Counties. Spectacular orange, blue, and green lightning light up Wilma's pre-dawn sky. Katrina's maximum conditions as they surged ashore in Mississippi and Louisiana, as well as in S. Florida.  Awe inspiring satelliite study of Wilma, the most intense hurricane in history. 76 minutes.

                                           Hurricane DVD Video Preview -Wilma & Katrina


Hurricane Emily DVD

Relive the tallest tidal surge in Cape Hatteras history (10.2 feet) sweep over the Outer Banks of North Carolina; driven inland by 110 mph winds. View ceilings falling on people and crazy folks frolicking in the surge.  1993. 45 min.

                                              Video Preview of hurricane dvd (Emily)- click here


Hurricane Isabel DVD
  • See the hurricane's maximum winds to slam ashore as they occurred.
  • View the tidal surges that inundated much of the mid-Atlantic sweep inland. .
  • Study the spectacular satellite and radar loops of a classic Category #5 monster.
  • Experience, live on video, Isabel's surging landfall along much of the mid-Atlantic coastline; and study this classic monster from birth to demise.  2003.  51 minutes.

                                                    Video Preview of Hurricane DVD (Isabel)



Hurricane Elena DVD

Witness, first hand, the most spectacular tidal surge footage ever captured; as powerful Cat #3 Elena inundates Cedar Key& St. George Island, Florida, then coastal Mississippi. Labor Day, 1985.  60 minutes.     

                                            Video Preview - Hurricane DVD (Elena)  


Hurricane Hugo DVD

Mighty Hugo attacks Puerto Rico with 155 mph gusts; then sends a 19 foot tidal suge and Cat #4 winds into South Carolina.  Includes the famous "Hallway from Hell" scene.  60 minutes.  1989.


Hurricane Charley DVD--As it Happened
  • Experience the full fury of intense Cat #4 Hurricane Charley as he slammed ashore along the SW Florida Coastline.  Live-action video from Port Charlotte southward through the Ft. Myers area.
  • Filmed by the world's three most renowned hurricane videographers.
  • Scientific study of this unique compact monster also included.  2004.  53 minutes.


Hurricane Michael DVD - Live

The highest hurricane surge in Florida history, 19 feet, in its full fury at Mexico Beach, Florida.  Undoubtedly the most graphic display of tidal surge dismantling a city ever captured.on video or film.

Sadly, over half the city of Mexico Beach is documented on video floating rapidly past our photographer during the catastrophic onslaught of Michael's hurricane surge.

A whole house and a fleet of cars float down a major roadway.

Spectacular footage of 150 mph winds striking the Florida panhandle, from the greater Panama City area and down the coast to Mexico Beach.

Awe inspiring views into the deep blue eye of Michael; and the surrounding majestic curved eyewall captured on video. Sequences filmed from the ground, hurricane hunter aircraft, and NASA space station cameras.

A very detailed satellite and radar study of Michael's complete life cycle.  High resolution close-ups of the sun reflecting off the inner eyewall.


Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances Plunder the Treasure Coast DVD

Both Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne attacked the Treasure Coast of Florida, inflicting a double dose of nature's fury and coastal rearrangement. Experience both storms from various vantage points, including Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, N & S. Hutchinson Islands, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens, Riviera Beach, Jupiter, and Gifford.  2004.  45 minutes.


Hurricane Michelle DVD

109 mph winds rake the Bahama Islands as a Cat#4 tropical hurricane is transformed into a rare subtropical hurricane right before your eyes. 2001.  36 minutes.


Hurricane Georges DVD

Experience, first hand, this mighty hurricane's 140 mph winds and 11 foot tidal surge as they crash ashore. Three seperate landfalls: Puerto Rico, Key West, and the Gulf Coast. 1998. 58 mins.


Hurricanes Fran & Bertha--Live on DVD

Two major Hurricanes strike the same coastline of N. Carolina in 1996. Bertha topples the fishing pier at Surf City with 20 foot waves, then the clear blue eye passes above. Fran sends a 10 foot tidal surge across Carolina Beach, as 110+ mph winds crash ashore.  1996.  49 minutes. 


Hurricane Opal--Live on DVD

View, first hand, the destruction of coastal Hy. 98 between Ft. Walton Beach and Destin, Florida, as 120 mph. winds blast boats ashore and wipe out the dune line. 1995.


Hurricane Gilbert--Live on DVD

Live action footage from powerful Hurricane Gilbert's landfalls in both Yucatan, Mexico, and S. Padre Island, TX. Complete closeup satellite sequences depicting the most intense Atlantic Hurricane to date: (888 mbs.)

Tidal surge sweeps through downtown. Amazing video from recon. plane penetrating the eye.  1988. 53 minutes


Hurricanes of the 1990s DVD

A fast-paced, tightly edited, two hour compilation of all the major hurricanes to strike the USA during the increasing hurricane activity of the 1990s.


Hurricanes of the 1980s DVD

Hugo, Gilbert, Elena, Kate, Diana, Gloria, Bonnie, Charley: all in their furious glory, captured live on video, tightly rolled into one 120+ mph paced 82 minute adventure





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