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Hurricane Andrew DVD

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  • A pictorial excursion into the heart  of Andrew; seen through the lens of famed hurricane photographer/interceptor Richard Horodner. 
  • Filmed in S. Dade County,  Florida, and coastal Louisiana.
  • Live-action footage as Andrew came ashore in both Florida and the Gulf Coast.
  • Eerie  blue lightning lights up a destructive sky.
  • Ungodly aftermath survey. 
  • Complete satellite and radar loops of Andrew's life. 
  • Recon. data as the eye crossed  the coast.
  • Exclusive inside view of  NHC forecasters making crucial decisions. 

Scenes from:

  • Homestead, Florida City, Cutler Ridge, Perrine, and Miami, Florida.
  • Lafayette, New Iberia, and Franklin, Louisiana.
  • The National Hurricane Center.