Hurricane Video and Photography


Hurricane Video, by Rich Horodner, the Most Experienced Hurricane Videographer on Earth

The Largest & Most Complete Collection of Action-Packed, Historic Hurricane Video Footage in Existence.

Extensive hurricane video footage from inside 40+ hurricanes intercepted and videotaped since 1984.  


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A wide range of hurricane video footage available from all phases of every major hurricane 1984-2013.  Tidal surge / hurricane surge destroying coastal homes & inundating downtown streets, 100-160mph winds, collapsing bridges and piers, falling TV towers, blue sky and rainbows inside the eerie eye, extreme wall cloud action, flying  roofs and debris, horizontal torrential rains, blue, green and orange lightning, bizarre behavior.







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Worlds's most experienced hurricane chaser


Hurricane video stock footage clips are suitable in productions for network and cable TV, educational films, emergency management & civil defense training, business conferences, DVD projects. 

Extensive hurricane video clips shot in:

  • a wide variety of locales, urban and rural, tropical, subtropical, and mid-latitude.
  • every phase of hurricanes, from outer bands, into the wallcoud to dead center in the eye.
  • every type of vegetation from palm covered to pine forests.

Hurricane video footage, hurricane photography, and photographer have been featured on network TV, magazines, and newspapers worldwide.  Richard Horodner has appeared on:


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Long hurricane video scenes available for license from all Hurricanes listed below:

Documentary DVDs & hurricane videocassettes still available: 

Hurricane Elena DVD, 1985. Hurricane Kate DVD, 1985.  Hurricane Gilbert DVD, 1988.  Hurricane Hugo DVD, 1989.  Hurricane Andew DVD, 1992. Hurricane Emily DVD, 1993. Hurricane Opal DVD, 1995.  Hurricanes Fran & Bertha DVD, 1996. Hurricane Georges DVD, 1998.  Hurricane Michelle DVD, 2001.  Hurricane Lily DVD 2002. Hurricanes of the 1980s DVD.  Hurricanes of the 1990s DVD. Hurricane Isabel DVD, 2003.  Hurricane Charley DVD,2004.  Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances DVD, 2004.  Hurricane Katrina DVD 2005, Hurricane Wilma DVD 2005, Hurricane Michael 2018. 

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