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Notorious Hurricanes 1985-2005

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 2 DVD set -  total running time:  3 hours, 50 minutes

Experience 17 major hurricanes through the eyes of the world's most renowned hurricane photographers:


160 + mph winds
Devastating tidal surges crashing ashore, then sweeping
miles inland.
Surrealistic views inside the deep blue eye.
Rare blue, green, orange, and red lightning.
Collapsing coastal homes, fishing piers, bridges, radio
towers, huge pines, large business structures.
Major highways disappearing into the ocean.
A shrimp boat coming ashore;  crashing into a milk truck.
Yachts and houseboats floating freely down US coastal highways.
20+ foot mountainous hurricane waves and wild surf.
Mississippi casinos inundated by surging hurricane tide.
Families escaping their destroyed homes through the tidal surge amidst 130 mph winds.
Blinding, zero visibility, horizontal, torrential hurricane rains.
Sahara-like sandstorms.
Behind  the scenes decision-making by National  Hurricane Center Forecasters.
High resolution satellite and radar loops.
Immediate aftermath survey of a Category #5 hurricane.
Bizarre human behavior.

Amazing segments of this program have been featured on:  Dateline NBC, CNN Special Report, National Geographic TV, The Weather Channel's Storm Stories and news reports, Geraldo Rivera Show, The Discovery and Learning Channels, PBS, Good Morning America, CBS News, WGN Superstation, and ABC Evening News,         

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  • Hurricane Elena 1985, Hurricane Gilbert 1988, Hurricane Hugo 1989,  Hurricane Andrew 1992,
  • Hurricane Emily 1993, Hurricane Opal 1995, Hurricane Bertha 1996, Hurricane Fran 1996,
  • Hurricane Georges 1998, Hurricane Dennis 1999, Hurricane Floyd 1999, Hurricane Isabel 2003,
  • Hurricane Charley 2004, Hurricane Frances 2004, Hurricane Jeanne 2004, Hurricane Katrina 2005, Hurricane Wilma 2005.