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Hurricane Michael DVD - Live

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The highest hurricane surge in Florida history, 19 feet, in its full fury at Mexico Beach, Florida.  Undoubtedly the most graphic display of tidal surge dismantling a city ever captured on video or film.

Sadly, over half the city of Mexico Beach is documented on video floating rapidly past our photographer during the catastrophic onslaught of Michael's hurricane surge.

A whole house and a fleet of cars float down a major roadway.

Spectacular footage of 150 mph winds striking the Florida panhandle, from the greater Panama City area and down the coast to Mexico Beach.  As the torrential horizontal rains and roaring hurricane howl intensifies, visibility decreases and decreases until complete whiteout occurs. 

Awe inspiring views into the deep blue eye of Michael; and the surrounding majestic curved eyewall captured on video: sequences filmed from the ground, hurricane hunter aircraft, and NASA space station cameras. 

A very detailed satellite and radar study of Michael's complete life cycle.  High resolution close-ups of the sun reflecting off the inner eyewall.