Hurricane Video Clips -  1984-2005 & TV Appearences


19 minutes of short cuts of hurricane video footage and from hurricane dvds 1984-2005

Segment #1    Elena, Charley, Bertha, Bonnie 1986, Bonnie 1998 - 2 minutes. 

Segment #2    Elena, Isabel, Emily, Gilbert, Trudy, Dennis, Michelle - 2 minutes

 Segment #3    Katrina, Kate, Elena, Isabel, Charley, Hugo, Georges - 2 minutes

Segment #4    Andrew, 4 hurricane eyes (Bertha, Elena, Kate, Michelle), Rita, Emily, Fran - 2 minutes

Segment #5    Floyd, Andrew, Michelle, Lilly, Hugo, Diana, Gloria, Gilbert, Wilma, Barry, Georges ,Isabel, Elena - 2 minutes

Segment #6    Seven minutes of additional clips:  Wilma, Katrina, Rita, Hugo, Gilbert, Erin, Michelle, Isabel, Emily, Lilly, Dennis, Fran, Bonnie, Elena, Charley, Trudy, Bertha, Earl, Georges, Floyd, Marco, Frances - 7 minutes

Aftermath Footage   Andrew, Wilma, Hugo, Lilly, Fran, Georges, Michelle, Frances - 2 minutes

Click on each segment # above to watch short cuts of various hurricane landfalls from the 19 minute compilation reel.


Hurricane Emily DVD / video tape Preview          

Hurricane Isabel DVD / video tape Preview         

Hurricane Elena DVD / video tape Preview         

Hurricane Andrew DVD / video tape Preview      

Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma DVD.Preview

Hurricane Bertha, Surf City, NC, July, 1996--6 mins.  

Power line/pole damage, various hurricanes - 7 mins

Collapsing, falling, and flying stuff in hurricanes - 4 mins

People in hurricane conditions - 5 min

Interview with Max Mayfield, NHC Director - Part I, 7 mins.

Interview with Max Mayfield -  Part 2, 6 mins.

Space Shuttle Night Launch 12/9/06



National TV interview: Hurricane Chaser on Dateline, NBC

Savage Skies, Monsters of the Deep, narrated by Al Roker

National TV, Hurricane Elena Adventure: A Storm Stories Episode

Wonders of Weather Series, The Discovery Channel; Killer Weather

I Witness Video, NBC, Hurricane Hugo Puerto Rico:  Part One

I Witness Video, NBC, Part Two

PM Magazine, The Hurricane Hunter, 1986

Tom Skillilng's: Greatest Storm on Earth









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The pioneer of hurricane video photography and hurricane video footage.