Hurricane Video Clips: Best of 1984-2008
The 1st. 7 segments of hurricane video comprise our 19 minute, abbreviated, best-of spec reel of hurricane video footage- - these are followed by dvd previews of specific hurricanes and specialty clips

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Segment #1 Elena, Charley, Bertha, Bonnie 1986, Bonnie 1998 - 2 minutes.

Segment #2 Elena, Isabel, Emily, Gilbert, Trudy, Dennis, Michelle - 2 minutes

Segment #3 Katrina, Kate, Elena, Isabel, Charley, Hugo, Georges - 2 minutes

Segment #4 Andrew, 4 hurricane eyes (Bertha, Elena, Kate, Michelle), Rita, Emily, Fran - 2 minutes

Segment #5 Floyd, Andrew, Michelle, Lilly, Hugo, Diana, Gloria, Gilbert, Wilma, Barry, Georges ,Isabel, Elena - 2 minutes

Segment #6 Seven minutes of additional clips: Wilma, Katrina, Rita, Hugo, Gilbert, Erin, Michelle, Isabel, Emily, Lilly, Dennis, Fran, Bonnie, Elena, Charley, Trudy, Bertha, Earl, Georges, Floyd, Marco, Frances - 7 minutes

Aftermath Footage Andrew, Wilma, Hugo, Lilly, Fran, Georges, Michelle, Frances - 2 minutes

Hurricane Andrew Video / DVD Preview

Hurricane Emily DVD Preview

hurricane elena dvd preview

hurricane isabel dvd preview

hurricanes katrina and wilma dvd preview

hurricane bertha @ surf city, nc

collapsing, falling, & flying stuff in hurricanes

ADDITIONAL CLIPS . . . a): power line shots

Hurricane Tidal Surge Sequences

people in hurricane conditions

hurricane clips with no ocean views, part 1

hurricane clips with no ocean views, part 2

max mayfield interview, part. one

max mayfield interview, part two

space shuttle night launch


Hurricane video footage and hurricane clips available for licensing ----  hurricane, video, hurricane video, hurricane video footage, 

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